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Google Should Divest Blogger and make it a Non-Profit entity

Blogger is a platform that paved the way for creative writing and sadly it has to respond to increased competition like Medium and Substack. This platform paved the way for creative writing in the late 2000's/early 2010's. Sadly this platform has now stagnated for sometime as soon as Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Medium and Substack have trended more on Google Search results in the past decade from 2013-Present due to these platforms having a mechanism to optimize search results. In able for Blogger to move forward they would need to look at platforms like Neocities, Spacehey,,,, Friendproject, as those that are getting ready to form the retro 2000's look of the internet. On the other hand Blogger would have to join the fediverse going forward too to adapt to the federated server setup by multiple admins that will align or not align with other servers. Also Google owns Google Sites platform which is a the company's answer to Wordpress, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace (all platforms that makes the internet in the 2020's.) Google wants to make their platforms business friendly to VC's in the Financial District in the Bay Area. This is what it is. Here is Kyle Drakes statement when he started Neocities in response to the closure of Geocities. Blogspot should do the same when they separated from Google but keep all the content that are there today. Neocities is: Helping the web. We are here to empower people to develop independent, creative sites. Free. We will always have a free web site option. Open source. Neocities believes in open source, and we share code back with the community. Not an advertising company. We'll never put ads or watermarks on sites, and we don't sell your data to marketers. Anti lock-in. Easy site downloading, and support for custom domains. Sustainable. We want to grow, but that growth cannot risk the site (or compromise our principles). All in all we need to save the history that built 1.0 and the transition to web 2.0 to where we are today. We need to show the public that the internet was not always dependent on big tech.

Here are projects from Web 1.0 Tributes and Fediverse you should donate to and visit to remember the days of Web Surfing

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*Note Yesterweb on Neocities is going away soon in May 2023 please Archive your work on the Wayback Machine site.

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