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Evan Williams the Founder of Both Blogger and Medium Plus his time at Twitter

In these Videos from Coldfusion and Modern MBA there have been reports that Evan Williams was the CEO of Twitter at one point in its history between the stints at Blogger and Medium. Evan Williams started out as the founding member of Blogger and sold it to Google in 2003. If Evan Williams never had to answer to the pressures of the Venture Capitalists would he be in toxic situations between Jack Dorsey and Noah Glass at Twitter? I doubt that would happen if they had the choice but given that Twitter was born in the Bay Area and the high cost of living at the time. Note Somehow when Evan Williams left to form Medium it became a better place for him.

However we need to go back to 1999 when the dot com boom started. Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan started a platform called Blogger for the parent company at the time called Pyra Labs. According to a 2001 Wired article they had the donor model that resembles go fund me for a server for Blogger. This company Blogger used a model that resembles Neocities today. We need Blogger to go back to its original roots as being friendly to writers and where it is not subjected to clickbait like the ad friendly system that the platform is today when Pyra Labs was sold to Google in 2003. We are in the phases where Blogspot could end up dead because its not modern enough or a novelty for VC's to spend on compared to squarespace, Wix, Weebly and Wordpress. Or in Evan Williams Case he is more concern with Medium and his competitor Substack as competing for best environment for writers. In Evan Williams case he sees Medium as a more modern platform to writers compared to Blogger which is meant for the mid 2000's to mid 2010's when this platform peaked after the downfall out Geocities.

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